Sunday, February 19, 2012

Word of the Week - Encourage

And the word of the week is...

This weekend Tween Monkey played basketball, just like he does almost every Saturday this time of year.  And his team won by a really big margin (44-2).  But this post isn't about his team.  It's about the team they played.  I think this other team has won maybe one game all season. They are coached by a teenager - maybe college-aged.  You would think that these kids would be disgusted or disheartened by now, but they always come to play and always play their best.  And this weekend I figured out why.

I was asked to keep score, so I was down on the court with the coaches.  And I noticed something about this other coach.  He NEVER said anything negative.  I mean nothing,  Not even things that sound like compliments, but are really not like, "Nice block, but you should have..."  Everything he said was an encouragement to his team, even when they were down by 40 with no time left - he was still encouraging them.  I truly believe this is the key to his team's attitude week in and week out.  And that got me thinking...

What about my words???  Do they build up or tear down???

When I speak to my kids, am I letting them know how much I love them or am I telling them I think they are idiots?  Now, let's be clear...I would never call my kids idiots, but sometimes my tone says it loud and clear. Do I treat them with respect?  Do I encourage them in their dreams?  I would like to say that I do, but I know that sometimes, my words tear down instead of build up.  I'm going to work on that this week...will you join me in thinking before you speak?  Let's all be a little more encouraging today.

Love you all,



  1. So true . We get so busy as parents and adult , that at time's we get short and impatient and those words slip out . This is great . Love and continued blessings . Aunt Lacey

  2. I could speak volumes about this but you know my heart. I am so proud! Give loves...