Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Life in Pictures - February

Wow!  I never thought a picture a day would be so difficult.  Sometimes, I snap one that perfectly represents the day.  Other times, I wait all day and nothing exciting happens and I just snap a random picture.  I know my pictures sometimes aren't perfect, I don't have a fancy camera (sometimes I even use my iPhone! Ssshhh!!), but they represent my life - even the fuzzy ones!!  I hope you are enjoying these as much as I am...

February 1 - Have you read this magazine?!  It is fabulous! It has articles on faith and life, decorating and fashion, and, of course, food!  Everytime I get get this, I sink to my nose in a bubble bath and read it cover to cover!

February 2 - Do you know how long it has been since I did 6th grade science?!  Tween Monkey read the chapter, I read the chapter, Dad read the chapter...the answer was not in the chapter!!

February 3 - Princess standing in the window, waiting for our new Realtor. I thought this described the atmosphere in our home today...hopeful.

February 4 - Knock you naked brownies from the Pioneer Woman.  These were A-MAZING!!  I made them to eat during the Super Bowl tomorrow...

February 5 - The Girl Scouts of America are evil.  Every year, they come knocking, calling or (this year) Facebooking selling their deliciously evil cookies.  This year is their 100th anniversary and they came out with a new flavor.  I have always been a Thin Mints girl, but these Savannah Smiles are quickly becoming my new favorite.  (They are lemony deliciousness!)  I'll have to get a couple (dozen) more boxes before they are gone!

February 6 - Our new Realtor suggested extending the yellow from our living room into the dining room, so we repainted one of the terracotta walls...

February 7 - ...and, of course, the yellow wasn't an exact match because it's been a few years since the living room was painted, so we repainted the entire wall.  I love my husband!  He said he wasn't going to do it - it was my project - but when he saw I was having problems, he lent a helping hand!

February 8 - Holy Cow!  I love, Love, LOVE the smell of a wood burning fireplace!!!  This is at my in-laws and I can't wait until we get one of our own.  It's on the list for our next house.  :-)

February 9 - Monkey Boy and I put together his valentine's for his class.  We got the idea from Pinterest, here.  And I found the printable tag, here.  What luck!!!!

February 10 - I was convicted that I needed to spend more time in God's word.  In my life:beautiful magazine (see above), they have a calendar that, if you follow it, you will read the bible in one year.  I don't want to do this so I can say, "I've read the whole bible."  I want to do it so I can better know God and His will for my life.  It's not easy, it's a commitment, but who better to make a commitment to?!

February 11 - Wow!  I subscribe to a lot of magazines!  And this is really recent...I didn't use to get any.  Some of them are free subscriptions (Self, GQ, Beef) and some I got a really low rate on (Traditional Home, BHG, Ladies Home Journal) and one, I am completely in love with (life:beautiful).

February 12 - Prepping for an upcoming training job.  Spent the afternoon pouring over some research...this is after the clean up!

February 13 - The first snow of winter... finally!  And it melted before the boys got out of school.  No sledding today!  But aren't the calves pretty in the snow covered pasture?

February 14 - Love Day...We made daddy this valentine.  It's all the kids' handprints with a kiss.  Don't you love it?!

February 15 - Bubbles...Did you see the one earlier this week with the snow?  Well, today was in the 60's, so Princess and I blew bubbles in the yard and chased them around like 4-year-olds.  Had. A. Blast.

February 16 - A won this video from a blog giveaway back in December.  I never received it, so I emailed them.  I got it two days later (today).  I know it's a Christmas video, but Princess didn't mind - she watched it twice today!

February 17 - On our way to Grammy's and everyone is buckled up ans safe.  And I mean, Everyone!

February 18 - The Tween spent the night with a friend who has a dog.  Apparently this is a very good dog who doesn't chew on things...except Tween's shoes, that is.  We decided it was because they smell like something dead.  The dog was just confused!

February 19 - An afternoon at the mall with the boys... and Monkey Boy lost a tooth!  Just look at that smile!

February 20 - Oklahoma weather amazes me everyday!  Blue skies this afternoon and 5 minutes later (that is NOT an exaggeration either) we had thunder and hail...

February 21 - Momma (and Princess) got a new pair of shoes!

February 22 - Sometimes I just don't feel like eating dinner, so my amazing hubby makes me some popcorn around 8:00pm.  Isn't he the bestest ever?!?!

February 23 - New colors...what do you think?  I don't usually pick up this color of yellow, but I was drawn to it on the clearance rack.

February 24 - Princess listening to a book on manners before her ballet class.  She adores her ballet teacher!

February 25 - Our local library is hosting a traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian so my mother and I took the kids to check it out.

February 26- Eeeeeekkkk!  The new Sophie Kinsella book is out AND available at the local library!!!  Yeah!!  I've been a huge fan since my friend at Sasha Says turned me on to her Shopaholic series...

February 27 - My hubby is AMAZING!  (I think I may have mentioned that earlier, too...but, he is!)  I am currently using a TV tray with a tablecloth over it as one of my end tables.  He said that would not do, so he has made me a matching set.  All that's left is the stain and it will match the other furniture he has built!  Soooo handy to have around!  :-)

February 28 - The weather is wacky here...above you will see the snowy day pictures and here we have the first blossoms of spring.  What is going on around here?!?!  But, really, aren't they pretty?  I love the sense of everything starting new again.  God is amazing!!

February 29 - Leap Day!!  I came home from an appointment to find Princess had fixed her own hair this morning.  She couldn't find a bow to match, so she decided to just go with them all!  (Check out those dimples!! I almost let her where them all to lunch because of that smile!)

Hope you enjoyed my February.  I love being able to look back at the month and actually REMEMBER!

Love you all,



  1. I am sad to say I only made it about 2 weeks taking a pic a day.... maybe I'll start back up today! A new month!