Friday, February 24, 2012

Confessional Friday

Hey, y'all! I'm linking up today with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition blog for Confessional let's get confessing!!

1) I have no idea what I am doing half the time. Really! I have no idea about the techie stuff for this blog - I kinda just logged on one day and started it. I guess I will learn as I go and I hope you guys stick with me through the learning process!

2) I'm taking a break from caffeine. Well...not a complete break. I usually drink an Absolute Zero Monster energy drink from breakfast and I cut that out. And my afternoon Diet Coke? Gone. I still have tea or diet coke at meals, but that's it. It's a start, right?

3) I only recently learned how to give myself a manicure. Sasha over at SashaSays gave a step by step tutorial on how to give yourself a professional looking manicure and I was blown away with the results! I am never paying for another manicure again!!!

4) I am a serial project starter, but have trouble finishing. I guess I get bored or distracted or something and never get around to completing the things I start. I cannot begin to tell you how many patterns I have cut out and never sewn...I think it's a sickness!

Anyway - I hope you still love me after all this!

Love you all,


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