Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Pictures

This is my family, my brother and his family and my little sister in last year's group shot!

Do you get stressed when it comes time for family pics? Boy, I sure do!

What will we wear? I don't want matchy, matchy, but the girl can't wear pink if the boy wears orange! That will just hurt my eyes!!

What is the weather like? A couple of years ago we had to postpone because of rain and today we took pics in 40 mph wind! I love Oklahoma but it sure does a number on my hair!

Will the kids behave? Of course not!! Monkey Boy is rolling in the damp grass in his new jeans and white shirt. Monkey Princess is pouting because she doesn't want to sit by her brother. And #1 Monkey only wants teen angst photos! What's a Mom to do?!

Well, we got it done and got some good ones, too! I may even have a Christmas card pic in there! I'll post a few when I get them so you can see my Monkeys in action. (They are pretty cute! I'll leave you with last years, just so you can see them up close!)

#1 Monkey - Drake, Monkey Princess - Haley, Monkey boy - Ethan

Love you all!

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