Thursday, January 26, 2012

You make me smile...

I think I told you that Princess has been sick.  She ran a fever Sunday, Monday & Tuesday so I took her in to check for the usual suspects (ear infection, strep, etc.)  We were waiting with the nurse... (isn't she a big girl?!)... checking her blood pressure and pulse,

when the nurse says, "Has she ever had her throat swabbed?"  UH, OH!

I explained to Princess that it was just a giant q-tip and the nurse was going to "tickle" the back of her throat with it.  Princess looked at us like we were a little nuts, but said, "oooooo-kayyyyyy."  She was so good.  The nurse did it really fast and was done and the only thing Princess said was...

"That did NOT tickle!"

Love you all!


PS - strep was's just a cold and she's already feeling "much better".

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