Thursday, January 12, 2012

Forts are FUN

When was the last time you made a fort?  You know, dragged out all the blankets, pulled the cushions off the couch and crawled under?

Well, with the weather shift we've had this week, making forts has been our favorite past time.  And we've made some doozies!  (When I say we, I really mean the monkeys.  I'm just responsible for the heavy lifting and figuring out ways to make the blanket stay!  The creations are all theirs!!)

This is what happens when the Monkey Boy is left to his own devices!  (He was grounded to his room and after the initial crankiness, decided to make the best of it!)  Notice the mattress?  He wanted to sleep like this, but got vetoed.

Then Princess wanted in on the action and Monkey Boy helped her make her own (I think it was his cunning way of getting out of his room for a little bit!)

I think her's ended up more like a jail, but do you notice a theme?  Once they figured out they could move the mattress, it had to come off!

The next day, while the boys were at school, Princess needed a fort for her stuffed animals.

She played and read in here for about an hour, BY HERSELF!  Why didn't I think of this sooner?!

I think I may have taken one too many pictures...

Happy fort building!  Love you all,


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