Monday, April 30, 2012

My Life in Pictures - April

(Sorry for the delay on this!! I have several posts in draft form, but my internet has been wonky for the last couple of weeks, so I can't get pictures attached and posted - AAAACCCCKKKK!!!! Anyway - better late than never, right?)

I love's my 2nd favorite season! And here are the pictures I took this last month so I can remember every single day of it!!

April 1 - We had a heat wave (in MARCH!!!) and the air conditioner fritzed out. We resorted to the room air conditioner the in-laws got last year to save the day...and it actually worked out until the repair guy could get here. (Thanks again, Bruce and Jenny - you guys rock!!)

April 2 - Indian Paintbrushes are my favorite flower. They are blooming a little early this year because of our unseasonably warm spring!! Aren't they beautiful?

April 3 - The world of work. Not missing it one teensy little bit! And this time, they recorded one of the sessions to use for the people who weren't there. So not only did I have to speak the those in the room, I had to look at the camera, too!

April 4 - Salty Chocolate Chip cookies. Pretty tasty but I think I let them cook a little too long or maybe I beat them too long or I don't know...something...

April 5 - Back for the last day of training. The training room had just been redecorated and all I could smell was new carpet - all day long!! Not a fan...

April 6 - wings. And you can't have hot wings without something cool to go with them... cue the celery and carrots! YUMMY!!!

April 7 - Princess made brownies for our church luncheon tomorrow. She was super excited - and they were quite tasty. The boys want her to make some more - STAT!

April 8 - I won a hat! But, honestly...does it look like a hat I would wear? I didn't think so either, so I gave it to the tweenager.

April 9 - Twins! It's pretty rare for a cow to have twins. It's even more rare (rarer?) for her to take care of both of them. She's protective of them both, let's them both eat, keeps them together. It's pretty cool!!

April 10 - Taxes...not a lot to say about that.

April 11 - Planted our first vegetable garden today. Look what Haley and I found! Monkey Boy wanted to know if we would get super Spidey powers if it bit us. Just a trip to the ER!

April 12 - Happy Anniversary to US! 15 years of marriage - does that qualify us to be an "old married couple?" This is my gift (my fave!)

April 13 - Termites! Ugh!! What else could happen before we sell the house?!?!

April 14 - Grilled asparagus...uuummmm..... if you know me at all, you know I don't eat much of anything that is green. I did try this because I told my amazing hubby that if he cooked it, I would taste it. I did. Enough said.

April 15 - No picture today. Not sure what happened!

April 16 - See above...I'm just a slacker!!

April 17 - First baseball game of the season... Here is Monkey Boy before his very first at bat!!!

April 18 - New tires...I discussed the importance of not being cheap here.

April 19 - A new baseball season means meeting new friends!

April 20 - No pics again...My MIL had surgery today, so everything was a little crazy this week.

April 21 - No Sew Cardi... I blogged about it here.

April 22 - Princess is ready to help round up the calves. I think she'll have to wait a couple of years first!

April 23 - Home from the hospital and being doted on by the grandkids. It's very sweet to watch her get waited on. She does so much for everyone else, that this is a treat for all of us who get to be of service to her right now!

April 24 - Princess wanted to help Grammy, too! Papa doesn't like the dishwasher, so- since he has taken over the kitchen while Grammy is recovering, we are all handwashing... Oh, how I miss the dishwasher! :-)

April 25 - The bush by our front door is covered with blossoms. And those blossoms are covered with butterflies - and I mean COVERED! We are talking can hear their wings. It's kinda creepy, actually!

April 26 -

April 27 -

April 28 - First tournament for the Tween Monkey. A whole weekend at the ballpark. We have a love/hate relationship with the ballpark. It takes our money and leaves us sunburned, but we play/see A LOT of baseball!

April 29 - First pitching outing of the season. Didn't let any runs score, but a little rusty at first. (And you don't need to adjust the color on your screen. The jerseys really are that day-glo orange color!)

April 30 - Hmmm...I got nothing here either. I'm am so glad this month is over! Hopefully I'll do better in May!

Love you all!


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