Friday, June 8, 2012

Confessional Friday

You know, I'm never one to hold back so here is a perfect opportunity to get some things off my chest...

I confess that I can be a little short sometimes with incompetent people.  For instance, person-who-shall-not-be-named answering the phone at Mazzio's...if you are going to take my order, you are going to have to stop talking to everyone else and PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!  By the time I got off the phone, I was furious and  my amazing hubby was cracking up!

I confess that I own entirely too many clothes.  I have spent the last weeks packing my closet.  And packing... and packing... and packing.  Who knew?!  I am never going to complain about not having anything to where again.  (Well - I probably am, but I'll just kick myself later!)

I confess that I {heart} Troy and Jacob Landry.  (Swamp People, if you don't know.)  They are so cute with their accents and smiles and the way they love their families!  I love that show!!!

I confess that I watch Reality TV.  I always said that I didn't.  And, to be honest, when I think of Reality TV, I think of shows like, The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars, American Idol or Dance Moms... and I REFUSE to watch those.  But...I do watch Swamp People and Duck Dynasty and Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth - oh, and American Pickers.  So, I guess I'm a Reality TV junkie, because I don't think I really watch anything that's scripted - except the news!

I confess that my children are driving me (and each other) bonkers.  I know summer just started, but since we are moving, I haven't been able to implement much of a schedule or do any of the fun things we want to do.  So that leaves too much time together with nothing to do and that is a recipe for disaster.  Bear with me kids - if I don't kill you soon, it will get better~!!

OK - I'm feeling much better now.  How 'bout you?  Anything you want to get off you chest? Leave me a comment, then go link up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition!

Love you all,



  1. In from SITS
    Our holidays start in two weeks and I'm exhausted just thinking about them and what to do with an adventurous 4 year old.
    Good luck with your move!

  2. I love your confessions. I have to confess I was laughing about someone talking your order, but I would absolutely feel the same way. And as for reality TV, I love it all. I've finally broke my addiction to The Bachelor and Big Brother, but I do watch Dance Moms. I wasn't going to, but I'm sucked in. The list goes on and on and it really is a sickness. :-)